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Founded by Drew Rust, Ishi Sharp is a sharpening business in the pursuit of mastering the craft of precision sharpening.


"Ishi" is the Japanese word for "Stone" and by utilizing Japanese wet stones in the shear sharpening process, I am able to provide an unequaled, precise and long lasting sharp edge for professional stylists.


Ishi Sharp also specializes in sharpening knives for both chefs, restaurants, hotels and the everyday cook at home. each knife is sharpened to the precise angles that are appropriate for the knife's intended use. I Utilize several different grits in the sharpening process and I finish each knife with both a polish and strop, providing a LONG LASTING, precise edge. 


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Drew rust 

Sharpener & Founder


I made the decision to learn the craft of true, quality sharpening and create a business to pass my skills on to the client. 

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